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Far West Academy of Sport (FWAS) acknowledges the FTEM model of holistic athlete development.

Sport specific programs

Sport specific athlete programs philosophy is to:

  • Align with National sporting organisation (NSO) defined pathway and be endorsed by respective State sporting organisation where applicable

  • Partner with and compliment services offered by other system partners  

  • Be balanced, holistic and athlete focused

  • Emphasis athlete well-being and integrity

  • Reflect latest research on athlete talent identification and development.

FWAS sport specific athlete programs will primarily align with the Talent 1 to Talent 4 levels of FTEM

  • Netball in partnership with Netball NSW

  • Tennis in partnership with Tennis NSW.

  • Rugby League/League Tag in partnership with Country Rugby League

FTEM, is representative of the ‘whole of sport’ pathway which includes active lifestyle activities, recreational and high performance sport.

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FTEM model of holistic athlete development.