Athletic Program



Program Overview

The FWAS Tennis Program forms an important step in the Tennis NSW pathway and focuses on improving and developing player skills.

The FWAS Tennis program provides development, education and support structures for athletes to easily integrate to the next level of the elite athlete pathway and focuses on individual athlete development.

Scholarship holders will be required to undergo an induction process, attend weekend training camps, and participate in academy activities.

Scholarship benefits

Academy Tennis provides each athlete:

Coaching Excellence – In a series of training camps, tennis athletes will work with experienced coaches to develop individual and team skills.

Personal Growth – Off court sessions such as time management, performance under pressure and nutrition ensure athletes grow on and off the field.

General Athletic Development – Testing and an introduction to Strength and Conditioning will improve speed, power and reactive ability on court and will lessen the chance of injury.

High level Competitive Experience – tennis athletes will experience opportunities to play in tennis tournaments, such as JDS through the Academy

A step on the Pathway – If you dream of being selected to play at a higher level, this program is an important step in your development.

Athlete eligibility

To be eligible for a FWAS Tennis Scholarship, athletes must satisfy the following criteria:

1.     Be a registered player with your local tennis club

2.     Reside within the Far West Region of NSW

3.     Athletes turning 10 - 18 years of age in 2019 will be considered for the program

Selection criteria

To gain selection into the FWAs Tennis Program athletes must satisfy the eligibility criteria and demonstrate the following:

  • Be athletic and show potential in improving skills and ability

  • Be enthusiastic, motivated,  and committed 

  • Willingness to learn and apply coaching ideas.

Conditions of scholarship

FWAS Tennis Scholarship holders are expected to:

  • Attend all program activities

  • Be committed and prepared to work toward improving performance

  • Be committed to a holistic approach to athlete development

  • Not take or use performance enhancing drugs or illegal drugs or participate in other activities that are prohibited by the Far West Academy of Sport Code of Conduct

  • Behave and dress in a professional and dignified manner when representing FWAS

Selection process

Tennis athletes between 10 – 18 years of age in 2019 who reside in the Far West Region of NSW are invited to complete an online nomination form and attend Academy Trials.

Trial details

Trial information will be sent out via social media and through community networks, local tennis clubs and schools.

2019 Tennis Program

Athletes selected into the program will participate in:

  • Training Camps (all squads)

  • Fitness testing and Off-court education sessions.

  • JDS Tournaments in the Western Region

Training camps will be held at Warren Sporting Complex, Warren.



Nomination forms are now open for the 2019 FWAS Netball Program.