Business as usual at the Far West Academy of Sport

12 July 2016

The Office of Sport is working with the Far West Academy of Sport (FWAS) to ensure that sport programs will continue to be offered to athletes across the far west region.

After some administrative changes, and as agreed with the FWAS Board, the Office of Sport will operate the academy and work on this has already commenced.

Chair of the FWAS, Mr Stuart Gordon, said under the current budget arrangements it is important to ensure the resources available to athletes and program development are maximized, particularly given the significant financial challenges associated with operating an Academy program across the far west of NSW.

“With the recent resignation of the Executive Officer, and recognising the need for a more sustainable operating framework, the FWAS Board has taken the necessary steps to engage with the Office of Sport to ensure that services for athletes continue within the triple aim of ensuring a quality service to athletes, greater capacity to reach all areas of the catchment, and boost the value of funds available for the program," Mr Gordon said.

"Assisting the development of aspiring athletes from the far west of NSW is what the FWAS is about. I sincerely thank Rodney Wright the outgoing FWAS Executive Officer for his hard work and commitment to the FWAS over the last 18 months and wish him every success in his future endeavours.

“I also acknowledge the very hard work of our Board who have actively supported the NSW Academy program since 2013 including recruitment of program staff, rebranding of the organisation and raising significant sponsorship to ensure the organisation has been able to meet its objectives during this time,” Mr Gordon said.

Chief Executive of the Office of Sport, Matt Miller said the same level of support will continue to be provided to athletes in the far west with the additional funding announced in the 2016/17 Budget which will allow for an increase to these services in the year ahead.

“The Office of Sport recognises the unique challenges faced by sport participants in remote areas. We acknowledge the contributions of the Board and appreciate their assistance in supporting this transition to ensure the FWAS will continue to operate on the athlete pathway between grassroots participation and elite level sport,” Mr Miller said.

The FWAS was operated by Sport and Recreation (part of the Office of Sport) until 2013 when it was transitioned to an independent incorporated structure.

The FWAS netball squad will participate in the NIB Games in Newcastle next week and the netball program will continue to provide a pathway for talented netballers. The Tennis, Rugby League and Lone Star programs will also continue. The full details of the sport programs will be available on the FWAS website as soon as they are finalised.

Resignation of Executive Officer Rodney Wright

Dear FWAS Family,

I regret to advise and inform everyone that I will be stepping down and resigning my position as Executive Officer of Far West Academy effective Friday July 15th 2016.

As much as I’ve loved and enjoyed working for FWAS, the funding support was not there in time for me in to implement this year’s new service delivery plan.  I thank our Board for all the hard work they have done, and all of you for your hard work and extremely honorable contributions you have made in keeping our academy going through these challenging times of late. 

As of 15/7/16, FWAS will be handed back over to the state and the Office of Sport will be the administrative body of FWAS academy and our Board will dissolve. 

For the sake of all athletes, coaches and families, I intend on making a smooth transition of the academy back to the state’s Office of Sport and expect that they will continue to take care of all current and future athletes, coaches and families.  Of course all honorariums will be honored and all scholarships will continue to be paid.

I want to again, thank you all for the support you have shown me and my family in our short stay here and wish you all well in your future sporting careers and paths.  I will be away with family this week and will be ready to receive calls to answer question starting next Monday.   All events are to remain on schedule and all activities continue on.

I thank everyone for their trust and support throughout the region throughout the difficult year.  I will remember you all as you have provided me with some of the memories of a lifetime.

Thank You and Kind Regards,


Thank you and kind regards,


Rodney Wright

Executive Officer