Brian Weir (Director)


The IAS has greatly benefited from Brian's skills and perspectives as a former elite athlete and a senior and highly respected community leader & administrator of the region. Brian has competed at highest level in his sport of rugby – playing and touring as an Australian Wallaby. He has served on Shellharbour City Council for nearly 37 years and has guided that organisation, as its Town Clerk/General Manager, for more than 25 years.

His tenure on the IAS Board continues to this day having commenced in August 1985. He has, for all of that time held executive positions on the IAS Board which includes ten years as Vice President (1988-1998), thirteen as Chairman (now President) (1998 – present).

As Chairman, Brian ensured each Member's contribution was valued and the IAS Board operated in an open and inclusive manner. His skills in facilitating discussion, assessment & enquiry has not only ensured that each member's contribution has been considered but that best use was made of the knowledge & experience from each representative stakeholder.

His rugby experience developed a keen understanding of the benefits of broadening an athlete's perspective of factors outside the field of play, through squad tours and how those elements can affect performance. Brian's approach ensures young athletes not only receive high quality sports development but also graduate from the IAS as outstanding sporting citizens.

Brian's commitment over more than two decades to the IAS has been truly outstanding and his continuing efforts stand him above the general body of IAS members. He was award the honor of Life Membership at the Wollongong Mayoral Reception in November 2008.